Customers Question Some Tax Free Items

Knoxville (WVLT) -- You can get it tax free during this weekends back to school shopping, but odds are, your child can't wear it back to school.

With the sales tax holiday's in full swing you will find a long list of tax-exempt goods, some of which are a little skimpy.

Polly Jones is cashing in on the back to school tax free weekend.

"For a couple of boys at our church that are being raised by a single mother and could use the help," said Jones, referring to a backpack in her shopping cart.

That's reason for the tax holiday, but do you really know what you can get sales tax free?

"I know school supplies are on the list," Jones said.

"Computers if they're under $15,000," said Cheryl Crane who was also out shopping.

"Clothing up to $100," said Paul Hopson, another shopper.

Shoppers know the list pretty well, but what you may not know is you can pick some tax free items this weekend which shoppers call questionable at best.

Striped or solid, red or black, there is not much to thongs.

But there is enough to be underwear, so it's sales tax free.

"Most schools I'm sure outlaw them so they can't wear them at school," Jones said.

That's exactly why Jones and other shoppers say they should be full price panties, sales tax included.

"I don't see where it'd be needed, especially for students," said Hopson. "I think that's where they should draw the line."

But Crane says if it's clothing it should be tax free.

"Everybody wears different styles of clothing if kids need a uniform, that's very specific, but otherwise clothing's a wide open area," Crane said.

But not all encompassing as sports cleats and other recreation equipment come with the sales tax still intact.

"If they're going to be on a school team and they need the cleats for their team at school, that's clothing," said Crane.

Some school items like globes also are still taxable, but moms and dads are glad that year art supplies made the tax cut.

"Everything helps," according to Crane.

And for Jones shopping cart that is full for the tax holiday, it makes a big difference.

We tried to call the revenue department about the tax-free list by nobody called back.

The sales tax holiday runs till Sunday at 11:59.

For a full list of tax free items, click on the link below.

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