9th Annual Goodwill Fire, Rescue Challenge

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Fire fighters and rescue crews from all over East Tennessee have spent part of the hot day competing against each other in Chilhowee Park.

Today was the 9th Annual Goodwill Fire, Rescue Challenge.

Each year, the crews are pitted against each other in events that simulate real life fire and rescue situations.

Knoxville fire fighters say the event highlights everything that's great about the heroes who fight our fires.

"The competition displays the kind of skills and agility that a fire fighter needs to use out in the field," said KFD Captain Darrell Whitaker. "But its in a competitive way and a nice fun way where we can have some camaraderie with other departments, share stories and just enjoy each others company."
The free event benefited Goodwill Industries.

Children had their own play area, and their were several pieces of emergency equipment that were demonstrated for the crowd.

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