Mom: Bullying drove son to mental hospital for cutting

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NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT)--A local student is in the hospital after being bullied by classmates. His mother is calling for help. The student's mother spoke only to Local 8 News.

Tammy Bell called us to say her son is in a mental hospital after a group of classmates tormented him. So she asked us to show their story to help stop the bullying.

Jess Bell looks like a normal 8th grader, but looks are hiding the pain

"His last resort this week if we hadn't gotten him help, he was going to get a gun and blow his brains out," Jess's mom Tammy Bell said.

Tammy says the trouble started here at Newport Grammar school three years ago.

"They would throw food at him. They would push him trip him. He would have bruises on him. Honest to God he would have bruises on him from them kicking him pushing shoving him," Bell continued.

Tammy told us she reported it, but since her son was too scared to give names nothing changed. She said when the bullying kept on here at Newport Grammar School, she transferred Jess to Edgemont where the namecalling started all over again.

Last week, Jess went to the counselor and told her everything. For the past year, he's been cutting himself because of the bullying.

"All the way down from here to here and he said with scissors. He was using surgical scissors," said Bell.

Now, Cocke County Schools are questioning everyone involved.

"I have spoken with the assistant principal of the elementary school in question. He is currently investigating the situation to determine all the relevant facts," Cocke County School Administrator Casey Kelley said.

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