TVA Sets All-Time Usage Record

Knoxville (WVLT) - One thing that's working overtime on these hot August days is your electricity and TVA says there was enough power used Monday to break an all-time record.

We only broke the previous record, set in July of 2006, by about 90 mega watts, using 32,095 mega watts.

But TVA doesn't expect this new record to stick around for long.

Officials say today could break Monday’s record, and so on, for the rest of the week.

But it's not just the high temps that are causing us to do this, it’s more so a reflection on a growing population.

So how can you cut back?

  • You can start by keeping your thermostat at 78.
  • Draw the shades that are on the sunny side of your home.
  • Turning off or unplugging lights, TVs, computers or appliances when they're not in use.

    Tonight at 5:30 we're taking you inside one of East Tennessee's power plants to show you how their keeping your electric running in this heat.

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