Inspectors Back at Loudon High School

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Loudon, Loudon County (WVLT) - Loudon High School students will be delayed at least two more days starting the school year after the school fails code inspection Tuesday afternoon.

As WVLT Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb learns, school officials are now targeting the beginning of school for mid next week.

After a week of diligent working to repair problems with code violations, a walk through of Loudon High School and State Fire Marshall inspectors didn't turn out how school officials wanted.

"We completed our inspection today. Not everything on the list is complete," code enforcement supervisor Mark Boyd said.

So the school's plan of a Monday opening is now delayed. Inspectors found more problems such as expansion joints that were falling apart and wood still above doors which can be a fire hazard because they are not sealed properly.

"Are going to prevent passage of smoke and flame. Same with the dampers are going to prevent the passage of flame through rated walls," Boyd said.

School officials and contractors took note of the remaining problems and work will begin immediately.

"Another crew is going to be down there first thing in the morning. They're going to get that out...going to seal the opening with fire retardant sheet rock," school superintendent Edward Headlee said.

With more work comes more time and another delay. School officials are hoping to get the building back by Monday at least for the teachers.

"Give the teachers a couple of days in their rooms to get everything ready to get ready for the students," Headlee said.

But now the school and not the students is the one that must pass the test.

"We'll reinspect Friday morning. At that time we'll reevaluate and hopefully we'll be able to have school," Boyd said.

Boyd says they plan to conduct the re-inspection late Friday morning.
School officials say if it passes, teachers will have their two days to get the classrooms ready and school will begin on the 15th.

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