TVA Tries to Keep Pace with Increasing Demand

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Clinton, Anderson County (WVLT) - The heat is on and TVA is trying to keep up with the power demand.

They broke their previous record Monday.

Volunteer TV’s Kim Bedford headed out to the Bull Run Steam Plant to find out how they're working to keep you cool.

If you think about it, nearly everything we do nowadays relies on electric power, charging your cell phone, watching TV and of course keeping you cool on days like today. So we went inside TVA Bull Run Steam Plant to check out the man power behind all that energy.

"Summertime is the most stressful for the employees,” says Bull Run Plant Manager Nathan Burris.

On steamy days like today, you can bet TVA's Bull Run Fossil Plant’s employees are working up a sweat.

"The environment out in the plant is noisy, but it is also very hot. Some areas can be 125 degrees so they can only work in those areas a few minutes at a time,” Burris says their 150 workers are trained to pump out the extra power this time of year. "We actually prepare for the summer all year round by maintaining our equipment and maintaining our skills."

Burris says Bull Run is rated most efficient in the nation. Something employees there should take pride in. "The electricity we generate will supply approximately 600,000 homes which I believe is probably more than the City of Knoxville.”

"Your signal for TV, the flat screen TV, everything that we do that is driven by technology uses electric power. And that is why it continues to grow,” says TVA Spokesman Gil Francis.

TVA broke power demand records twice already this week and it looks like they will continue.

"After Friday, if everything pans out based on temperatures, 5 consecutive all time peak power demands each day exceeding the previous day,” Francis says.

As employees at Bull Run work round the clock to keep you cool and keep your home running, Burris says they think about the difference they make everyday. "Our employees understand how critical electricity is to the community and to business so they take it very seriously."

It's supposed to be even hotter Wednesday and the rest of the week. We will continue to update you on TVA's power demand record.

In the meantime, it is important we all try to conserve energy at home.

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