Local High School Students Left Without A/C

Maynardville, Union County (WVLT) - Classrooms were likely a little more hot than usual for high schoolers in Union County Wednesday.

Officials there say they started to notice a problem with two of the air conditioning units Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning, they were turning on and turning off at a high rate.

Classes weren't and haven't been cancelled, but school administrators were forced to act quickly.

"We've been very sensitive to those students who have asthma and breathing problems and we've tried to move those around so they wont have any trouble breathing if they are in a class where the temperature is excessively high,” says Wayne Goforth from Union County Schools.

Maintenance crews are working overtime this afternoon to fix the broken air conditioning units.

Goforth says that if all the units were to go out, the building could be deemed unoccupiable.

But that hasn't happened yet.

More on how our area’s biggest school district is working to make sure this doesn’t become a problem for them coming up tonight at 5:30.