NEW DETAILS: Knox Schools With Air Conditioning Issues

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Air Conditioning Issues in Knox Co. Schools

Adrian Burnett 1 Room
A.L. Lotts 2 Rooms
Amherst 1 Room
Austin East 3 Rooms
Bearden High 4 Rooms
Bearden Middle 2 Rooms
Beaumont Elem 8 Rooms
Belle Morris 1 Room
Bluegrass 4 Rooms
Bonny Kate 3 Rooms
CBM 5 Rooms
CBI 4 Rooms
Carter Elem 4 Rooms
Carter Middle 4 Rooms
Central High 4 Rooms
Chilhowee 5 Rooms
Christenberry 2 Rooms
Corryton 2 Rooms
Dogwood 4 Rooms
East Knox 1 Room
Fair Garden 4 Rooms
Farragut High 10 Rooms
Farragut Int. 2 Rooms
Farragut Middle 2 Rooms
Fulton 3 Rooms
Gap Creek 1 Room
Gibbs High 1 Room
Gibbs Elem 3 Room
Green Middle Magnet 4 Rooms
Gresham 3 Rooms
Halls Elementary 2 Rooms
Halls Middle 6 Rooms
Halls High 1 Room
Historic Knox High 2 Rooms
Holston 3 Rooms
Karns Elementary 8 Rooms
Karns High 9 Rooms
Karns Middle 6 Rooms
Lonsdale 2 Rooms
Mooreland Heights 1 Room
New Hopewell 1 Room
Norwood 2 Rooms
Northwest 1 Room
Powell Elementary 8 Rooms
Powell High 9 Rooms
Powell Middle 4 Rooms
Ridgedale 2 Rooms
Ritta 1 Room
Rocky Hill 1 Room
South Doyle High 6 Rooms
South Doyle Middle 1 Room
Spring Hill 1 Room
Sunnyview 2 Rooms
Vine 2 Rooms
West High 3 Rooms
West Hills 2 Rooms
West Valley 1 Room
West View 3 Rooms
Yoakley 1 Room

Source: Knox Co. School District

Knoxville (WVLT) - The summer heat could follow some Knox County students back to the classroom today.

Students are heading back for a half day today.

The school system is reporting problems with more than 130 air conditioners, most in schools.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has more on what's being done to keep your kids cool.

Knox County schools says this happens every year. When you flip on thousands of A/C units to their normal operating level, some of them are bound not to work right, but the schools say they're bound to fix them.

For some Knox County students back to school's never cool, but with classroom air conditioners on the fritz, it's not just because summer's vacation's over.

"That's horrible, and I hope one of them isn't mine," student Caitlin Patterson said.

Seven-year-old Caitlin Patterson will start the second grade at Beaumont Elementary. Inside her school six rooms have A/C problems.

"It's just burning out here and to think of my classroom sitting in there all day," Patterson said.

But Beaumont's not the only school feeling the heat.

"Whenever we come back to school in August and bring the system back up to it's normal operating level, we'll have some units fail," school spokesman Russ Oaks said.

This year, 130 units in Knox County schools aren't working right.

Some aren't working at all.

"We don't have anything that's critical to the operation of an entire school. We've got some individual class rooms down, we've got some offices that may be out," Oaks said.

All in all, 56 sites have A/C fans that don't blow too well.

Most of those are schools.

Halls High School also has problems in six rooms, but Powell Elementary has the most with ten rooms, including the gym.

The A/C issue with Knox County Schools' A/C isn't new. It's just that this year's heat wave's forced these guys to work harder.

"130 is a small, very small percentage of the thousands of A-C units we've got across the system," Oaks said.

And crews have been out. Making sure those the lights light, and the fans run to keep your kids cool.

"I don't really think I want to go back to school," Patterson said.

Because nothing's cooler, than summer vacation. The Knox County Schools say it's up to your child's principal to move students to a different room or to use fans. Also in the 90-plus degree heat, it's the principal and coaches choice to move any outdoor sports practices inside.

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