What's For Lunch?

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Knoxville (WVLT) Forget the french fries and tater tots.

New this year in Knox County, your child can get the five a day recommended servings of fruits and vegetables just by eating breakfast and lunch at school.

It's just one of the nutritious changes to the school lunch menu this year.

Two servings at breakfast, three at lunch, Knox County schools are adding one fruit or vegetable option to every meal.

Nary Lou Henry, the Knox Co. Food Service Administrator says, "if a student takes advantage of those options at school, then they can work in those five a day, if they ate a bologna sandwich in the evening!"

It's Knox County's catch a rainbow everyday campaign.

Making it possible for your child to eat all the daily recommended fruits and vegetables before the school bus drops them off in the afternoon.

They're doing this partly by deserting dessert.

Henry continues, "basically, we have pretty much replaced most of our dessert items with fruit, either fresh fruit or apple sauce, some type of canned fruit."

And, food service workers are helping children milk their diets for more calcium.

The cartons of milk, replaced by bottles last year, resulting in the sale of hundreds of thousands more servings of milk.

Henry says, "over that period of time, we have sold from a quarter to a half million more units of milk."

As part of the federal healthy school program, no meal or snack can contain more than 30 percent fat, 10 percent saturated fat or 30 percent sugar.

But these increased nutritional values will come at a cost.

For the first time in four years, the cost of a school breakfast or lunch will increase, by a quarter, to $1.25 for breakfast and $2.25 for lunch.

Also new this year, your child will be given one of three entree options, including chicken parmesan.

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