One Tank Trip: Fall Creek Falls State Park

Pikeville (WVLT) - With the "feels like temperature" hovering at 100, we all need a break to cool off. A long weekend to Fall Creek Falls State Park can do the trick.

We head to middle Tennessee to this great getaway. You can get there and back all on just a tank full of gas.

Located about 100 miles away, Fall Creek Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful places if not the most beautiful in the state.

Falls is the key word. There are 5 of them, including this one called Cascades. The site of many movies, including Disney's "The Jungle Book.

In the film, Mowgli jumps out over the falls to the water below. Quite a stunt! The park sits on 20,000 acres. Hundreds of deer feel safe here.
So do the millions of guests that visit.

Campers can choose from 225 campsites. Each one costs about 14
dollars a night. These friends have been gathering here for over 30 years.

"We've always come, I guess sometimes, this is our third time this year, we love it we think there's no better place anywhere, than Fall Creek Falls," said Gwen Bullock from Harriman.

If you're not into camping, ten of your friends can rent a cabin for 153 dollars a night, but don't forget your fishing pole. The state record for
the Channel catfish, and bluegill was caught here.

The lodge has a great view, you can also stay there for about 70 a
night, and fill up on the daily lunch and dinner buffet.

The park even has it's own golf course. Meant for all kinds of players.
Fall Creek Falls was named as one of the top 20 public courses in America, but it's the scenery that brings in the millions of visitors each year.

"We have alot of people near Fall Creek Falls, or say 100 miles or so that comment, they say, I didn't know this was here, and that makes us
feel pretty good. To have Tennesseans or from the immediate area to say, I didn't know Tennessee had this," park ranger A.J. Anderson said.

Take a hike on the Cable Trail, if you dare. It does straight down to the river, but it's all worth it when you see the view.

Visitors can also get a better view of the park by walking across one of four suspension bridges that span the river.

Located on the Cumberland Plateau, Fall Creek Falls State Park has so many things to offer, it's meant to experience with the entire family.
And best of all, you can make there and back on just one tank of

Just take I-40 west to Crossville exit, number 322, then Highway 101 south, to Highway 30, and follow the signs. It's about 100 miles away.

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