Temperature Trouble For Local Students

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Loudon County (WVLT) Parents of students at Greenback School say some classrooms still don't have working air conditioning.

And some parents say the school district's not doing enough about it.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb spent the day at the school.

Superintendent Edward Headlee says there are A/C units with problems throughout the Loudon system.

He says they've taken two portable A/C units out to Greenback to help.

But some students say, they aren't working very well.

Some school children at Greenback School are thankful to be getting home today where they know it's cool, unlike some of their classrooms.

One parent says it's been that way since school began last week.

Tammi Selvidge, who's upset the classrooms are hot says, "they had a thermometer in their classroom and it was reading over 90 degrees."

The kids say at least three of their classrooms are hot, making it a little tough to learn.

Megan Webster says, "it's just that we can't concentrate because it's so hot and we just can't pretty much do anything because it's so hot."

One mother is especially concerned, because her child has asthma which could be a health risk.

Selvidge continues, "could induce his asthma attacks so it's not a safe environment for a child to be learning at all."

Besides the kids, it's a situation that's also frustrating for the parents.

Karen Thomas says, "it's a very helpless feeling because there's nothing we can do. I know he can't be learning a lot because he's miserable."

The situation may not be getting better as one child said someone came to look at the air conditioning units today.

Webster says, "they did. They looked at them and then they said they couldn't do nothing with them. Oh, how did that make you feel? Not good."

And some parents say even school officials are not helping.

Judy Webster says, "they allow them to buy water but if they are going to not have air conditioning I think they should let them have the water."

Superintendent Headlee says they are assessing the situation.

If they can be fixed he says parts will be ordered.

If not, then they'll have to look at replacing the units although there is no word on when the schools units will be fixed.

Meanwhile, we checked with Knox County Schools.

They still have about 112 A/C units across the district that need attention, though not all of them are inoperable.

And crews are working to get as many as possible fixed each day.

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