E. TN Parents React To Massive Mattel Recall

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(Knoxville) WVLT-Parents, check your children's toy box.

More massive recalls from Mattel, the second recall in just two weeks.

Several different Batman action figures, Polly Pocket playsets, "Sarge" Pixar Die Cast Cars, and Doggie Daycare playsets are among the almost nine million Chinese-made Mattel toys recalled today.

Shannon Schafer is a concerned parent and says, "He likes cars, so he gets Hotwheels and stuff, and she likes boys stuff, too, so she gets cars and stuff, too."

Fortunately, little Alex and Alexis Schafer don't have the "Sarge" Die Cast cars, more than 250-thousand of them could contain excessive levels of lead.

"Scares me, just them getting hurt on stuff." 8:00 "Her especially, cause she likes to put everything in her mouth."

Mom, Shannon, says her kids didn't have anything on the massive recall list because she keeps Mattel out of her home.

"I don't buy them anymore, not the Mattel toys."

Rena England is a worried grandmother who says, "I have five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren."

You can bet grandma Rena England buys a lot of toys.

"A grandmother, every time you go to the store."

But England's not laughing about Mattel's recent recalls.

"I think it's horrible. I think that they ought to pull all of them off the shelves and send them back to China and let them have them."

England says she made sure she didn't have any recalled toys that her grand kids play with...

"I worry a lot. I mean, I keep her the biggest part of time and I'm real concerned. You know, every time she gets sick I'll think, well, what is it?"

"We're very careful about what we buy for him and obviously, we won't be buying any products from China anymore."

Rob and Leighanne Young say they're sick of Mattel continuing to put their two and a half year old Josiah and every other child, at risk.

"There's really nothing more appalling than having this seemingly benign toy or product that you're buying for your kid, end up that it has something extremely dangerous on it, like lead paint."

Young says the only way parents can stop this, if they stop buying toys made in China.

"If Americans would just be more thoughtful consumers, then the people who are manufacturing this junk would get the message."

If you have some toys on the recall list, here's the easiest way to get your money back.

If you remember where you purchased the toy, just take it into that store and they'll give you your full refund.

If you can't remember where the toy came from, Target and Wal-Mart say they'll take any of the recalled toys back and refund your money.

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