Coming Together For A Good Cause

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Knoxville (WVLT) A fire took away their home but now your generosity could give them a fresh start.

Donations are being accepted in Knoxville for the 20 families who lost their home in a weekend fire.

That fire happened at Fox Lake Apartments.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has more on how you can help.

These families have lost everything.

Many don't have renters insurance.

Now their former neighbor has organized a donation effort.

One of those drop-off points is inside the Zuma Fun Center on North Peters Road.

Organizers say no donation is too small.

These families need children's' clothes for both boys and girls, household items, lenins and pillows, also, school supplies.

They could also use store gift cards or grocery cards.

Karol Harper lives at Fox Lake.

She organized this effort because she considers the fire victims family.

"All the kids go to school together. All the parents talk to each other about school projects, who has what teacher this year, all this kind of stuff. I just love where I live and love the people who live there. I want to help them."

You can drop off donations at Zuma during its regular business hours.

All Saints will accept donations from eight to four every day.

You can donation furniture at the Compassion Coalition's Cokesbury Center on Kingston Pike.

If you want to do the gift cards, those need to go to the Fox Lake leasing office.

Also, if you're planning on going to the Zuma fun center for anything, you can buy a gift card online.

Fifteen percent of that purchase will go to the Red Cross for these families.

Here is a list of what is needed:

Items to Drop Off At Zuma Fun Center or All Saints Catholic Church:
Children's Clothes

Size 3
Size 3T
Size 4T
14 yr old, 9 Juniors, large shirts
13 yr old, Size 40 waist, XXL shirt


Size 4T
9 yr old, size 12
10 yr old, size 36 waist, large shirts
11 yr old, size 16/18 waist, size 14 shirts
14 yr old, size 40 waist, XXL shirts

Other Suggested Items:

Household Items
Adult Clothing
Bedroom Items -- linens, blankets, pillows
Kitchen Items -- pots, pans, utensils, towels
Bathroom Items -- towels, curtains, mats

Items to be dropped off at Fox Lake Leasing Office
Gift Cards to Wal-Mart & Target
Restaurant Gift Certificates
Grocery Cards

Items to drop off at the American Red Cross
Money -- please make a notation on the check for the "Fox Lake Fire Victims"

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