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(Knoxville) WVLT-Many 2007 high school graduates are getting ready for college and new numbers are out on how well they performed on their ACT.

Nationally, graduates did well on the exam, raising their average ACT scores from last year, the third increase in the past five years.

So, how did Tennessee students fare?

There really isn't any bad news to report, because compared to last year, Tennessee students didn't score worse on this exam.

We have the exact same average as last year.

But the really good news is a record 96 percent of grads took the ACT, putting the Volunteer state tied at third nationwide, for the highest participation rate.

The only states that did better were Colorado and Illinois.

100 percent of students in those states took the test.

As for our scores, for the second year our grads scored an average of 20.7

Educators say the fact that we did not drop is great news considering more students took the exam.

Tennessee did best in the reading category with an average score of 21.8.

The worst in math, with an average of 19.9.

In the other two categories, the average english score was 20.8.

The average science score 20.4.

The highest you can make on the act is 36.

Our scores aren't a lot different compared to the national averages.

The overall national composite average is 21.2, reading 21.5, english 20.7, both math and science, 21.0.

ACT also offers an optional writing test.

41 percent of test takers in the class of 2007 took the test, more students than last year.

The average score dropped just slightly.

ACT is the preferred method of testing in the south and midwest.

The sat is more predominant on the east and west coasts.

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