Zero Tolerance?

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Blount County (WVLT) Two Blount County students were taken to the hospital after school officials say they arrived at Heritage High School under the influence of something.

What it was we're still not sure.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has more on how the school says whatever it was, they were ready to deal with it.

The students were intercepted by administrators shortly after getting off the bus.

And before, the district says, they could be a danger to themselves or others.

Heritage High School administrators say they acted quickly this morning in response to a tip from a student.

Alisa Teffeteller, the Public Relations Director for Blount County Schools says, "as children were coming off one of the school buses, the administrators were informed that there were two students acting unusual on the bus."

Officials say the students appeared to be under the influence when they were approached by administrators.

Teffeteller says, "we took them to the office. Took them to the school nurse. Saw that they were acting unusual and felt like there was something wrong with the children this morning, so they contacted the parents.

After being examined by the school nurse, the two girls, a ninth grader and tenth grader were taken to Blount Memorial Hospital.
"They are investigating now into the situation to see what actually took place when, where, and if anyone else was involved.

It's still not known what the students were under the influence of.

Parents we spoke with told us the administrators did their job.

Tonya Tipton, a mother of a 10-year old student says, "I feel that they done their job. Yes, I do. They must've acted quickly."

Buffy Andies' has a daughter that just graduated high school and another that is a freshman this year and says, "they should. They should. I mean it's their responsibility. That's why we send our kids to school and trusting them to take care of our kids."

Blount County's "Zero Tolerance" Policy follows the state guidelines on unauthorized possession of a firearm and for striking a school employee.

Zero Tolerance is also for unlawfully possessing any drug including a controlled substance.

As the Blount County investigation continues, it's not known yet if Zero Tolerance applies.

Teffeteller says, "if there is something that has taken place that is against school policy and school rules, there will be disciplinary action that will have to be taken."

Knox county "Zero Tolerance" guidelines are the same as the state's.

And they apply to any student on a school bus, on school property or attending any school event or activity.

Parents can learn more about what to look for when it comes children and drugs by visiting this website:

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