Knox Co. Parents See Grades Online

Making The Grade

Knox Co. (WVLT) - Knox County parents of middle and high school students will no longer have to wait until report card day to see their child's progress.

You'll soon have instant online access to your child's grades.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone reports on the new Parent Portal program.

Gail Byard is the chief technology officer for Knox County schools and she's also a parent.

"As a parent, I go in every night currently and I check my students assignments."

Thanks to new technology.

It's an online grade book that will be available to parents on September 4th called Parent Portal.

And Parent Prtal can be accessed 24/7 y parents and students.

"It is designed to have real time access to student information, including student's schedule, daily grades, attendance, and classroom attendance."

Report cards, transcripts and even disciplinary action will also be available for viewing.

School officials say it's important to note that all log-in information for parents and students will be confidential.

However, parents will be able to directly communicate with teachers through email.

"I think parents are eager to have the ability, especially after work hours, to monitor students progress. Maybe when teachers are not available via phone."

Teachers will not have remote access to the online grade book for now because of security concerns.

But they will essentially take their hand-written grade books and transfer them online.

Also available on September 4th, a program called Pay-Pams.

You'll be able to pay your child's school lunch online by using a major credit card.

There is a transaction fee, but parents can deposit the money anytime of day.

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