Developing: Train Derailment In Knox County

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Knox County (WVLT) -- A Norfolk-Southern train derailed this evening in Northeastern Knox County.

The rail company tells us a 95 car train derailed at just before 6:30 this evening.

It happened while the train was leaving the John Sevier Rail Yard on Cement Plant road for Kingsport.

Five cars were involved in the derailment.

Three were carrying Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, a paint solvent similar to diesel fuel.

The company estimates no more than a few cups of it were spilled.

It was cleaned up with-in the hour and now poses no threat to public health.

Norfolk-Southern has dispatched a crew to upright the two car's that over-turned.

They are expected to have the rail yard back to normal by tomorrow afternoon.

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