Red Tea Meth Bust In La Follette

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La Follette (WVLT) -- La Follette police made a large Red Phosphorous Methamphetamine bust Sunday evening.

Detectives tell us a 14 year old boy stumbled upon the lab while playing in the woods near the Woodland Apartment Complex at the intersection of Loop Road and Clairborne Road.

They describe it as a lot bigger than the usual bust.

Recently meth makers have tended to move their labs to the woods to make them more difficult to find.

The Tennessee Meth Task Force and Drug Enforcement Agency are also working on the scene.

So far no arrests have been made, but police discovered bars of complimentary soap from at least one local motel.

Red Phosphorous Meth is known is known by the street name "Red Tea".

It is considered one of the most dangerous types of meth.

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