Water Restrictions Soon?

Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - Mandatory water restrictions in Maryville could be days away.

Just hours ago, the amount of water Maryville is able to pump from the Little River reached a critical level.

Right now Maryville is at 20 percent capacity.

We're all dry and Maryville is definitely at or near the top of the “needs rain” list.

City residents have been under voluntary water conservation request for about a week now and its helping a little.

40 CFS or cubic feet squared is water flow figure and when at or below 40 city ordinance requires a mandatory cut back in water consumption.

And it is doing all it can to keep from going into the mandatory mode.

"Our biggest message right now to everyone is the more they conserve they more they can stay away from having to go to mandatory in hopes of some rain,” says Pam Arnett from the City of Maryville.

Pam also says that Maryville’s water supply is certainly in record territory.

Fifty six CFS was the previous low.

Residents here use 6 million gallons of water a today, 2 million of that is for non-essential use such as irrigation and washing cars.

It’s also noted cutting your non-essential water usage in half will save one million gallons a day.

Right now Maryville is purchasing water to help avoid a mandatory cutback.