Blount County Promotes Bio-Diesel Use

Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - It's called B-20 blend which is a 20 percent mix of bio-diesel with diesel.

In East Tennessee, Blount County is leading the way in bio-diesel use, education and awareness.

It's part of two grant programs the “Young Biodiesel Leaders” and "You Can Use Biodiesel Too."

The fuel blend sells for about the same price as diesel which is good news for your wallet.

And Blount County ranks high in the number of public biodiesel stations in the state.

"It's the only county, where the county, one or more larger cities, major industries and in this case national park are all using bio-diesel blends,” says Jonathan Overly from the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.

To learn more about this fuel blend go to

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