KPD Officer Shoots Attacking Pit Bull

Knoxville (WVLT) -- A Knoxville Police officer is receiving treatment for injuries suffered when he was attacked by a dog this morning.

Officials say it happened when Officers James Hunley and Scott Coffey were investigating an early morning hit and run call at 11:40 on Chicamauga Avenue.

When they arrived, Officer Hunley was attacked by a Pit Bull.

The dog bit him, but Hunley was able to break free.

Police officials then say the dog tried to attack officer Coffey, but he was able to shoot and kill it.

Officer Hunley's injuries were not serious.

"That's not right," said Marty Allison, a neighbor. "I admit that the boy did wrong, whatever he did, but they shouldn't have shot the dog. It was in his own yard, and he was on a lead. They should not have shot the dog."

Officials say a report will be filed to ensure the officers acted appropriately.

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