Seymour Dog Sings "Rocky Top"

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Knoxville (WVLT) - You've heard it hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, but we're betting you've never heard it quite like this. We're talking about the song that all Big Orange fans long to hear: "Rocky Top."

To get you into the game day spirit, we want to introduce you to Chili, a four year old Dachshund that sings the UT favorite every time she gets a chance.

All you have to do is say the words.

"Chili, we need to sing Rocky Top," owner Mitzi Carr said.

And this little gal will take it from there.

"Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me," Donny Carr sang along.

So how on earth does a dog learn Rocky Top? It all started two years ago for Donny and Mitzi Carr.

"We were watching one of the games at home, an away football game, and Tennessee scored and Mitzi and I jumped up and down and started singing Rocky Top and the dog joined in," Donny said.

And now any time she hears the song, her head goes back and she well....sings...

"That's her own style. Must be the hound in her when she hears Rocky Top, we know she's in the mode when the head goes up," Donny said.

"The problem is Donny and I are the ones who taught her to sing and since we can't sing very well, this is what we get," Mitzi said.

And this little tailgater steals the show. A jaw dropping display even for the most loyal fans.

"I guess they are not quite sure what a dog singing rocky top sounds like but no doubt in our mind she knows all the words," Mitzi said. "She couldn't live in our household without having the spirit."

You see Chili is surrounded at home by alot of orange, including her very own big orange convertible.

So who gives chilly the inspiration to hit all the right notes?

"I'm sure Smoky is one of her mentors and heroes. If she could be like the big hound, she'd give it her best," Donny said. "I think her dream would be to run through the T."

But until the invitation comes, Chili will be loving life in the Rocky Top hills of Seymour, Tennessee.

Mitzi and Donny say they actually have to whisper the words Rocky Top because if she hears the words at all, she starts singing.

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