August Record Setting For TVA

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- For many, the end of August and a record-breaking heat wave couldn't have come soon enough.

The Tennessee Valley Authority set 13 peak power demand records -- more than one every three days -- during the month.

A lack of rainfall will continue to be a factor for months to come.

The T-V-A region is experiencing one of the driest January-August periods in 118 years of record keeping.

Under T-V-A's reservoir management plan, Labor Day traditionally is the start of the winter drawdown of the lakes to provide cheap hydroelectric power and storage for spring rains that historically flooded Chattanooga.

That won't happen this year.

These lakes won't be drawn down further except to maintain minimum water flows to ensure water quality and supply for navigation and aquatic habitat, with little new hydroelectric production.

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