Family Remembers Knox Student Killed in Accident

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Knoxville (WVLT) It's also going to be a tough day back to school tomorrow in the Halls community.

It'll be the first day back without Bert Weaver.

The 13-year old was stuck by a vehicle while crossing Emory Road to get to the Halls football game Friday.

He died Saturday.

Counselors will be on hand to help students tomorrow.

As Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman explains, Bert's spirit will live on.

When it came to playing football, size didn't matter to Bert Weaver, because he led with his heart.

Bert's coach, Casey Lane, says, "Huge heart. A little bitty kid. He was about four-six and 65 pounds. Smallest kid we had but he was never afraid to go in there and stick his head in just mix it up with all the guys."

He even lost some locks so he could suit up in the Halls' red and white.

Bert's mom, Donna Weaver: "He had grown his hair out some. He liked it, because the girls liked it. He said come on just get your clippers. I want to play football. I'll sacrifice the hair."

Lots of hearts have taken hits from losing Bert, aside from his family, perhaps none bigger than Bert's pal Elijah.

One of Bert's best pals was Elijah Soon and he says, "We played football. He didn't really get much playing time, but he hustled the most, and he had a lot of heart."

Bert had so much heart that he wanted to share it, literally.

He decided a couple of weeks ago to become an organ donor.

Donna Weaver says, "If you will, I'd like for you to donate my organs, because I want other people to live on. I don't want it to end there."

The eager seventh grader lived his thirteen short years to their fullest and left quite an impression especially on the family that adopted him from a life on the streets some 11 years ago.

Donna Weaver says, "Just one of the most creative, loving individuals I've ever seen in my life. I feel honorerd to have been his mother."

Friends and family of Bert Weaver will say final goodbyes at a receiving of friends on Thursday from 5:00-8:00 pm at Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel, on E. Emory Rd.

The funeral will follow at 8:00 pm.

Weaver will be buried at 11:00 am on Friday at Anderson-Gouffon Cemetery.

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