Halls HS School Zone Safety

Knoxville (WVLT) - The death of a Koxville teen, hit and killed Friday night while crossing the street brings to mind the question, are traffic control changes on the way for the busy spot on East Emory Road?
The cross walk is used by students in the morning and afternoon.

It's also heavily traveled by fans on their way to Halls High football games.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has the story.

Before and after school and ball games, this cross walk is used by countless students and fans.

And until Friday night, safety issues were never really considered in the serious category.

Angie Brown, who is a parent says, "With the football games, most people do park over here at the church just because there's not a lot of parking over at the high school."

And the same goes for students.

Many of them park in the Beaver Dam Church parking lot and take this path across heavy traffic.

Some students, on school day, and many football fans, on game night, park in the parking lot of Beaver Dam Baptist Church which is across the street from Halls Middle School.

Dr. Alan Price is the senior pastor at the church and says, "Every morning, there is a police officer out here directing traffic and letting the kids across. We certainly want it to be a safe situation, and my understanding is that it always has been."

However, it depends on what time you come to school if that security officer is on duty here.

Angie Brown drops her boys off most every morning in Beaver Dam Baptist Church parking lot and says,
"There's not always a police officer here of the morning. I know that the school crossing guard that works the elementary school also works here so it's later of the morning before he gets here. Well, just the police presence here this morning helps a lot."

After Friday night's tragedy, some wonder if changes will be made.

Angie Brown says, "My husband and I had talked about it. They really ought to block this road off for football games, because there are obviously different ways to get around."

The Knox County Sheriff's investigation continues.

Russ Oaks with Knox County Schools tells us that with the on-going investigation, it would be inappropriate to speculate or say anything at this point.

It's not known yet, once the investigation concludes, if any changes will be made with regard to traffic control.

And we'll continue to follow this story for you as the investigation continues

Halls' next home football game is not until September 21st.

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