Knoxville Parochial School Gets Permission to Reopen Tomorrow

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Knoxville (WVLT) The principal at First Lutheran School on Broadway says he's received permission from the Knox County Health Department to reopen Thursday.

Tim Wolfram tells Volunteer TV News, school will be back in session Thursday.

Knoxville firefighters were called to the school around 8:30 this morning.

KFD Hazardous Materials crews were called minutes later.

KFD Captain Darrell Whitaker says someone applied a new coat of a clear urethane to the gym floor at the school Monday.

But, Whitaker says, the work was done without proper ventilation.

The school was closed as part of the Labor Day holiday.

When students returned today, the fumes had spread throughout the building.

Whitaker says many students were complaining of scratchy throats.

Firefighters immediately evacuated the building, and the school dismissed classes at 11 am.

Whitaker told us Wednesday morning that the fire department ordered the school building closed Thursday while an independent Haz-Mat contractor worked to get the fumes out of the school.

But late Wednesday, the Health Department gave the school permission to reopen.

No one was hospitalized due to the exposure to the fumes.

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