Shooting Victim's Sister Speaks Out

Heather Price and her brother Michael Shane Price in happier times.
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Sevier County (WVLT) The sister of a Knoxville man shot and killed by police is speaking out, less than 24 hours after the incident.

Sevier county deputies say 34 year old Michael Shane Price pointed a gun at them when they arrived at his sister's house in Seymour last night.

Police had been called to the home for a disturbance.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb talked with Price's sister Heather about what led up to last night's fatal confrontation.

Michael Price's life may have ended last night at that home on McCleary road.

But Heather Price says his troubles began when his former wife began an affair with their mother's fiancee, breaking apart their family.

Heather says it's left him so distraught his confrontation with police was really a call for help.

"He didn't want to hurt anybody, he just, if anything wanted to hurt himself."

Officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are now trying to piece together what happened when 34 year old Michael Price was gunned down by a Sevier county sheriff's bullet.

Sheriff's officials say they responded to the home of Heather Price Tuesday evening on a shots fired call.

Sheriff's officials say Price advanced on the officers with a weapon and pointed it at them.

Three weapons were recovered.

Sheriff Ron Seals says, "they recovered a pistol, I believe it's an AR 47 or something AR 15 or AK 47 weapon and a rifle."

Heather Price says, "he never once, and I was there the whole time, he never once pulled a weapon on them, never one time."

Heather says Shane had given the initial officer two of the three weapons and the ammunition when the other officers arrived and the shooting began.

"The worst part is after they shot him, gunned him down, they just let him lay there. They never helped him. They never tried to give him CPR."

Heather says her brother had a hard time coping with his two year long divorce that finally ended in July.

"My brother was married. Had a son and my mother's fiance at the time started having an affair with my brother's wife."

Heather says her brother didn't want to hurt anyone other than himself.

"It just tore his life away to lose his family and his son. That's all he lived for, I mean his little boy, that's all he lived for."

Sheriff Seals says deputies Jason Madison, Leslie Franklin, and Sergeant Darrell Lee are now on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Heather says it's a double tragedy for her family.

She says her mother now blames herself saying if she had never dated the man who got involved with her son's wife, Shane may be alive today.

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