Tailgating To Make Orange To Green

Knoxville (WVLT) -- UT is working hard to "Make Orange Green".

It's a play on words, with a serious message.

In the message are some large numbers.

2.5 tons of trash are recycled after each home game, but plenty more winds up in trash.

Now UT's all encompassing environmental effort hopes to reinforce those stats, while upping the ante.

Starting this football season they are placing about 100 recycling bins in some of the high traffic tailgating spots on campus.

Organizers and fans alike feel it is a good start at making a clear cut difference.

"With environmental issues, sometime people think they're too big and there's nothing you can do about them, but everybody can do something," said Sarah Surak from the University of Tennessee Facilities Services Department.

"How much more financially responsible is it to recycle instead of to use new materials," asked tailgater Dusty Johnson.

This week's "Make Orange Green" rally continues with several other events throughout over the next few days.

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