Orange And White Save Green At Fair

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The Volunteer Spirit spilled over to the fair grounds at Chilhowee Park on Saturday.

That's where the Tennessee Valley's Fair is in full swing.

On Saturday, fairgoers were donning their orange and white apparel to saved some green on their admission.

The afternoon was fun for all.

Complete with the three F's fast rides, Ferris wheels and funnel cakes.

Allison Caton, 7, noticing that the fair was in Full Swing asked her mother if they could go to the fair.

"It's just fun," she said. "You get to ride rides and spend time with your family."

Allison didn't have to make much of an argument.

Her mother Staci was also excited.

"But my husband's probably wondering what the score is," she said.

The score of the Vol's first home game of the season, going on at the same time, just a few miles away at Neyland Stadium.

"We're hoping they'll do an announcement soon just to let us know how things are going," Staci said.

Meanwhile, the Volunteer Spirit's is seen everywhere at Chilhowee Park.

"There's a sea of orange and white out here that is just like you'll see at Neyland Stadium," said Scott Suchomski, executive director of the Tennessee Valley Fair.
They're were there for more than 55 rides that whirl and twirl, more than 100 delicious food vendors, and at least one wise-mouth clown.

"Besides UT football we're probably the second largest running venue in Knoxville," Suchomski said.

And on Saturday, bleeding orange paid off in green.

"Anybody wearing orange and white gets two dollars off their adult general admission ticket," Suchomski said.

An idea that's kept ticket lines long all day.

"We found last year we had two UT home football games and we still had a great crowd," he said. "Actually, we set records during both UT home games, which was amazing."

Even with the UT home game, fair officials still expect around 150,000 fairgoers to walk the midway by the fair's end.

Allison Caton's parents may think about Vols, but little Allison is thinking about tackling one of the fair's several scream machines.

"They're fun and they go fast," she said.

Allison also says she is already excited to come back next year.

If you missed this Tailgate Day, your orange and white will knock some money off your admission next Saturday too.

For a complete list of the fair's hours and prices, you can click on the link below.

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