McGhee Tyson Concourse Cleared Over Security Concern

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Knoxville (WVLT) A security concern caused McGhee Tyson Airport officials to clear the concourse this evening around 7:15.

According to a TSA Spokesperson, a Northwest Flight 467 from Detroit to Atlanta diverted to Knoxville because of weather.

According to a Northwest Airlines spokesperson, when the plane arrived, a maintenance issue was discovered during a routine check of the plane.

The TSA says Northwest personnel allowed passengers to enter the concourse with checked bags.

Because checked bags may have items that are prohibited on board the aircraft, the TSA says they acted out of an abundance of caution and cleared the concourse.

After all passengers were out, the area was rescreened by the TSA and airport police.

All passengers in the concourse and their carry-on bags were then rescreened.

They were then allowed to board their flights.

The last passenger was rescreened around 8:50 PM.

Several flights were delayed because of the evacuation.

Northwest bused all the passengers from Flight 467 to Atlanta.

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