Drought Impact on Corn Maze?

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Greenback (WVLT) - "RC Cola and a Moon Pie" sounds good, doesn't it? Well that's the theme of another good thing, the ninth annual Corn Maze at Maple Lane Farms. The theme came from the two companies sharing Cola and Moon Pies for lunch during the depression.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt checked out the maze and has more on how the theme continues today.

Maple Lane Farms is a fully functional farm that likes to have a little fun every year, and the fun brings in money for the family, which is good news after a few damaging months.

"Some people, they get confused and they're out there for quite a while," farm owner Bob Schmidt said.

And it's not hard to see why. Two miles of paths wraps you around the words "RC Cola and Moon Pie, it's a southern thang."

"It's pretty confusing, and there's just a lot of corn," said Kaitlin Kuzman, who enjoys the corn maze.

But every year thousands grab their clues and head out into the field hoping to make their way back.

"It's got some pretty hard parts on it, gets you confused," said Jordan Spurling, who enjoys the corn maze.

Some have even been left behind.

"Matter of fact, we've had some Florida fans show up and they're still out in the corn maze, go figure," Schmidt said.

You could end up walking over a mile throughout this 10 acre maze, but every step you take is help to this family farm after a very long road.

"It's been tough. Everything's gone wrong it seems like, we had the freeze in the early spring, which hurt my strawberry crop, then we had the terrible drought, which we are still in," Schmidt said.

But luckily the corn still grew, and Bob Schmidt could plan the maze again. He says challenging the community is fun, but says the giant sea of corn generates a lot of green.

"This farm is a cash monster, it eats cash for breakfast, and we hope to get back to zero and just have everything so we can pay our bills and look forward to next year," Schmidt said.

And in 2008, they hope to have better luck with the weather, but the same theme with the crowds.

"It's all about sharing, we put smiles on peoples' faces, people holding hands, taking pictures and their having a good time and when they leave behind their money and everybody's happy then," Schmidt said.

The Corn Maze runs through October 31st and has several different events. Besides the maze, Maple Lane Farms has hayrides, a pumpkin patch and food.

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