Parent Portal In Knox County

Knoxville (WVLT) - It's been two weeks since Knox County parents and students have had access to Parent Portal.

It's an online gradebook that allows families to monitor a student's progress.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone brings us an update.

Parent Portal is designed to keep students and parents plugged into the classroom, literally.

The online gradebook keeps track of everything from grades and homework assignments to attendance and disciplinary action.

Since parent portal was launched two weeks ago, more and more parents are logging on to the tune of 1200 per day.

There's been a learning curve for all involved.

Gail Byard with Knox County Schools says, "Some of the parents have had issues with an older browser. We've received 100 emails and 100 phone calls a day."

Parents can download Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 for free.

Changes have been made to the home page to make it more user friendly.

And teachers who are not accustomed to computer records are having to play catch up.

Byard says, "What we're finding is that the communication piece is very powerful for parents and students."

While there's no research indicating that online grade books help with boosting a school's performance overall.

Byard says "At my house, my 8th grader, we've certainly benefited from the information. Because we can go online together and monitor what the assignments have been, what grades he's earned and what's coming up. It's been very valuable."

Parents must get their Parent Portal log-in and password from the school.

Several Knox County schools are still distributing the information.

Meanwhile, more than 53-thousand dollars has been deposited to the schools online lunch payment program called Paypals.

Paypals can be set up at any time by parents to put money in their child's school lunch account.

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