Ummm....Gator Meat!

Knoxville (WVLT) - It's the weekend Vol fans annually go hunting big game, and to catch a gator in the swamp, you better load up on "gator" bait.
Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman caught up with Vol fans gearing up for Saturday's match-up.

It's a cool and wet day in West Knoxville, but business is heating up inside at the Shrimp Dock, as Vol fans prep for "gator" tailgating.

Vol fan Nick Galbraith says, "Hmmm...delicious."

And you can't have a "gator" tailgating party without gator meat.

"Drop it in the fryer."

Can't catch a gator without gator bait.

"You've got your gator."

"So, tail meat's the only thing that when it comes to gators, that's what you want."

But what does it taste like?

Paul Willis owns the Shrimp Dock and says, "Chicken. It really does. When you try it, you'll see."

Jim Freeman says, "Like chicken? It does taste like chicken."

He's not superstitious, but Nick Galbraith and friends are eating some gator for the good of the team, "I think superstition? We don't necessarily need it, but we're out there to eat the gator meat just, to well, throw it a little bit over the top. I guess you could say."

Store owner and New Orleans native Paul Willis takes it a step beyond superstition, "If you eat a little gator meat, it might help the Vols win. A little bit kind of voo doo kind of deal that we try to do and it's caught on quite well."

Florida fans have a different take.

Sharon Sizemore is a Florida fan from Orlando and says, "No, I don't think it's going to do much for 'em this year either and laughs. They can eat all the gator they want, but we'll prove it on the field and laughs."

If the Vols don't beat Florida Saturday in Gainesville, it won't be from a lack of game preparation on the part of the fans.

Kick-off from the swamp is set for 3:30 p.m. and can be seen right here on Volunteer TV.

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