Burnt Body Found In North Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- A disturbing scene was uncovered this afternoon in North Knoxville.

The body of a woman was discovered at just after 2:00 PM in an ally on Hoitt Avenue near Boone Street.

Police aren't saying much, but they do confirm that a woman's body was found and that they have not been able to identify her age or race.

They also spent much of the afternoon back in the woods doing an investigation.

The body was discovered by a neighbor walking his dog.

"I noticed the dog was sniffing something and I just thought it was a burnt tire," said Damon Lenoir, who discovered the body. "When I went up to it, there was a dead lady there with a tattoo on her back of a butterfly and from her waist down she was burnt.

Damon says he walks his dog in that area nearly every other day.

He also told us the neighborhood is made up of mostly old folks and is very quiet.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

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