Small Riot At Hamblen Jail

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Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) -- It has been a tough week at the Hamblen county jail.

Corrections officers had to put one of the felony cell blocks into lock down this morning when a small riot broke out.

Deputies say it started just after 9:00 AM when an inmate hit a guard who refused to give him a second breakfast.

Hamblen County officials say about 19 inmates stomped around and attempted to flood the block.

They shut off water flow to the block and called in the Morristown SWAT team.

The disturbance ended when the SWAT team went into the block 3:00 PM.

Jailers consider the disturbance to be minor and no one was injured.

Four days ago, seven inmates over-powered a guard and escaped from the cells housing misdemeanor offenders.

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