Court Set To Hear Hyatte Plea

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Kingston, Roane County (WVLT) -- One of two people charged in the murder of a state corrections officer will be in the Roane County Courthouse today to make her plea.

It's reported that Jennifer Hyatte will be accepting a plea deal this afternoon which will spare her life.

Both Jennifer and her husband George are charged with the capitol murder of Wayne "Cotton" Morgan.

Morgan was gunned down in 2005 during an escape attempt by George Hyatte, who was at the courthouse on other charges.

The county sheriff hopes this will help bring some closure .

"There is going to be closure in this case and the family is going to get closure," said Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton. "I think justice will be served and that she is never going to be out to hurt anyone else in the community"

Jennifer Hyatte is expected to go before the judge at 4:00 PM.

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