Delay Requested for Suspect in Christian-Newsom Case

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Knoxville (WVLT) Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to delay the start of the trial for the only suspect charged with federal crimes in connection with the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murders.

At issue, authenticity of Eric Boyd's cell phone records.

According to documents filed today in federal court, prosecutors say they and the defense indicated that a stipulation would be reached about the authenticity of the records prior to trial.

But today federal prosecutors says they received word from Boyd's defense, that stipulation could not be reached.

Prosecutors say that in order to authenticate the records they will need a representative of the cell phone company to testify.

That, they say, will take a three week notice.

A hearing has been scheduled in front of U.S. District Magistrate H. Bruce Guyton, Tuesday at 9:30 am.

Boyd has pleaded plea not guilty to charges he helped Lemaricus Davidson hide from police, although he knew Davidson had committed a carjacking that resulted in the death of Christian and Newsom.

The indictment also alleges he did not report the crime to authorities.

Boyd could face 15 years in prison when he stands trial.

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