Family Remembers Murdered Woman

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Knoxville (WVLT) We're learning more details about a Knoxville woman who was murdered over the weekend.

Leann Law's body was found in an alley off Hoitt Avenue Saturday afternoon.

She had been partially burned.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone spokes with family members.

They gathered in the alley off Hoitt Avenue to set up a memorial and remember Leann, a mother of two.

Cynthia Jordan, Leann's mother in law says, "she brought my first grand-babies into the world. One of three and will be much loved and missed by her children."

Jordan remembers her daughter-in-law, Jennifer Leann Law, with a heavy heart.

The 24 year old's body was found in the alley off Hoitt Avenue Saturday afternoon by a neighbor walking his dog.

Damon Lenoir says, "and i noticed it was sniffing something, and I thought it was a burnt tire. When I went up, I noticed a dead lady there with a butterfly tattoo on her back and from the waist down she was burnt."

The butterfly had become Leann's signature.

Cynthia Jordan says, "she always loved butterflies. Leann loved butterflies."

Her family thought it fitting to erect a memorial to honor her.

Leann's body was discovered Saturday, the day before her 25th birthday.

Leann did have her troubles with the law, a criminal record dates back to 2002, and she was due in court this Friday to answer a 16 count indictment, along with this man, James Kevan Ray.

According to the warrant, police chased the two down after an alleged car burglary.

She was nabbed as she fled first by car, then on foot.

The warrant states she turned Ray in.

The counts include burglary, theft, driving violations, drug possession and evading arrest.

Another point of interest, Law's body was found less than 50 yards from where her mother in law Cynthia used to live.

Cynthia says her son, misses his wife and has had the difficult task of telling her two daughters.

Cynthia Jordan continues, "not sure how to handle that part yet, and then worried about what might be said when they go back to school."

Police are expecting autopsy results in the next 24 hours.

Captain Gary Holiday with KPD says, "while it is a horrible thing to do, it's not uncommon in an effort to destroy evidence, bodies are set afire like that."

Leann Law's body was found in the same area as the body of Christopher Newsom back in January.

Right along those train tracks.

Newsom's body was also found burned.

But Police tell me they don't believe this was a copycat crime.

Neighbors in the area are certainly scared and many we talked with say they're making plans to move.

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