Standoff Ends in Blount County

Anthony Todd Ghormley, 41. Charged in connection with Blount County standoff in which three people were injured
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Blount County (WVLT) A man married less than a week is in custody tonight, charged with hurting his new wife, and taking his new mother-in-law, hostage.

Sheriff's deputies say the standoff with Anthony Todd Ghormley ended peacefully, but not before his wife, mother-in-law, and another person were injured during the almost eight hour incident.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb was on the scene all day and has new details.

Not only did his new bride marry a man with an extensive criminal history, but sheriff's officials say they were at the home just last night dealing with a domestic situation.

A nearly eight hour standoff on Lively road in Blount County is over but it was a terrifying ordeal for an elderly 74 year old woman.

It started at 6:15 Tuesday morning.

Sheriff James Berrong says, "we got a call aggravated assault. A guy had a baseball bat and a knife beating up on people."

Sheriff's officials say 27 year old Candy Bussey and 35 year old Karen Vandyke Ghormley had run across the street for help.

Tracy Patterson, who called 911 says, "she was bleeding. Told her to com in, sit down. She said he's coming after me. Close the door. My wife called 911."

When authorities arrived they found 41 year old Anthony Todd Ghormley had barricaded himself up with his mother in law, 74 year old Gaynell Head in the home's bathroom.

Berrong continues, "he said he had a knife positioned with a pole to her throat saying if we breached that door that knife would penetrate her throat."

After nearly eight hours, hostage negotiators had done their work.

"He wanted to handcuff himself. We slid him some handcuffs. He did handcuff himself and right before he unlocked the door we came in and took him into custody."

Head was taken to UT medical center and neighbors say this isn't the first time there's been trouble there.

Sherry Jarmon, a neighbor says, "there has been cops out here before. I came out one time and there was two cop cars there."

Ghormley is currently facing charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and more charges are pending.

Gaynell Head is currently listed in guarded condition.

Bussy is in stable and there is no information available for Ghormley's wife Karen at this time.

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