UPDATE: Man Shot by Claiborne County Deputies

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Tazewell (WVLT) Around one this morning, a Claiborne County deputy was called to a home to check on the well being of two young children.

Sheriff David Ray says his deputy was met with a man holding a baseball bat and refusing to back down.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has more on what happened just outside Tazewell.

It all stems a heated phone conversation between a woman's ex-husband and her fiance.

A Claiborne County deputy was called out early this morning to check on children at a home on Chittum Road, and as the officer stepped onto this long porch.

Claiborne County Sheriff David Ray says, "a white male approached him quickly from the other end of the porch with a baseball bat."

Sheriff David Ray says the man was Phil Greer.

Greer's fiancee, Pam Combs, tells us that her ex-husband, Scott Combs, called Greer.

Sheriff David Ray says the two were feuding during the phone conversation.

So, Pam says they were thinking it was probably Scott coming to their home early this morning when a car pulled into their driveway.

Sheriff Ray continues, "the officer repeatedly told him to halt, drop it, that he was a Claiborne County Sheriff's Deputy."

Pam says the deputy's car did not have blue lights on top of it and it was dark on the front porch.
"He did not stop. He had to fire two rounds striking the defendant one time."

Once Pam turned on the front porch lights and came outside, she says she realized it was a deputy.

Sheriff Ray says, "and I think he felt like maybe it was the guy coming who had previously been married to the lady he was living with and the father of those children."

As a result of all that's taken place, Combs says she's keeping quiet for now.

"They advised me not to say nothing right now. They're going to hire a lawyer. His mom said she's going to hire a lawyer."

Pam Combs says Phil Greer was shot in the left elbow.

He's now out of surgery and is listed in stable condition at the UT Medical Center.

Sheriff Ray says charges against Greer are pending.

Ray is yet to release the name of the deputy but says he is on paid administrative leave while the TBI continues its investigation.

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