ONLY on WVLT: Woman Beat Before Blount Man's Standoff Speaks Out

Candy Bussey
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Blount County (WVLT) Imagine being asleep one minute, and the next, fearing for your life.

One of three women traumatized and viciously beaten in Blount County yesterday says she almost didn't even have time to think before she was attacked.

Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb sat down with Candy Bussey just after she was released from the hospital.

She says she's in a lot of pain.

But Candy says she's more concerned that the suspect will get out and next time it will be worse.

"It hurts to try to eat. It hurts when I talk, and all over my head hurts real bad."

With more than twenty staples in her head and multiple stitches to her face, Candy Bussey is now recovering after being beaten during a break in Tuesday, allegedly by her cousins new husband, 41 year old Anthony Todd Ghormley.

Bussey says she was asleep with her cousin Karen in their Lively street home when she says Ghormley broke in.

"I jumped up. He had a metal ball bat and he just started hitting me with it."

Bussey says he then turned the bat on his new bride.

"Next thing I know he gets my cousin Karen and shoves her head through the bedroom window and shoves her out."

And then it was on to Bussey's 74 year old grandmother, Gaynell Head.

"I jumped on top of my grandmother and took all the hittings I could handle to keep him from hitting her."

Then Bussey says Ghormley locked himself in the bathroom with Head and the police standoff began.

She says Ghormley was upset with his new bride.

"He got mad because she didn't want to go home with him, I guess."

Karen Ghormley remains in the hospital and so too are the girls grandmother.

"Her face is like this. She's black and blue. Her jaws are broke. Her eyes are black. There's stitches up the back of her head."

Meanwhile, Candy says she's in as much fear as she is pain.

"He said if he didn't get us that night he would get us later, and honestly, I believe he'll come back and try to kill us if he gets out of jail. He's that crazy."

Bussey said the pain was very bad, so after our interview she left to go check herself back into the hospital but family members say she is now resting at home.

Meanwhile, Ghormley is being held on $850,000 dollars bond and is due in court September 24th.

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