Winkler Gets Supervised Visitation

(WVLT) - A former Knoxville woman who was convicted of killing her minister husband can now see her children.

A judge ruled Wednesday that Mary Winkler can have supervised visits with her three children.

They've been living with her former in-laws since Matthew Winkler was killed in March 2006.

Mary Winkler is still on probation, after serving seven months for the death of her husband, and she hasn't seen her children in four months.

Mary told the courtroom that being together with her children again would help the healing process.

"That's one great reason we need to be together. We need to be healing together and talking through our problems and working it out," said Winkler.

Matthew Winkler's parents want to revoke Mary's parental rights and adopt the children.

The couple has also filed a two million dollar wrongful death suit against Winkler.

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