Loudon County Robbery Suspect Crashes Car into Home

Lenior City, Loudon County (WVLT) - What started out as an early morning convenience store robbery turned into much more for the Lenoir City Police Department.

Some homeowners ended up victim as well, in what in the end, became a series of crimes.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud explains.

"I was just lying in bed and heard this big crash come in at the bedroom window."

Before Amy Hatcher had the chance to think about what was going on, she says she knew exactly what had happened.

"I knew right then and there someone had crashed into the house."

Hatcher says cars constantly speed down the road in front of her house and knew it would only be a matter of time before she would wake up to a scene like this one.

"I wish the city would put up guardrails to block something like this from happening."

What she didn't expect is the circumstance that lead to the crash.

She walked outside, not only to see that a car had plowed through her flower beds and into the side of her home, she also saw a police car.

Lenior City Police say it started just before 4:00am Thursday morning, when 42-year-old Robert Snelson allegedly robbed the Kenjo Market on Highway 321, presenting a hypodermic needle as a weapon.

Moments later police spotted Snelson and a short persuit began. Snelson lost control in a curve and crashed into Hatcher's home.

Enough force to injure the suspect to the point that he be flown to UT Medical Center by Lifestar, but ironically not sending the vehicle all the way through Hatcher's home.

"They said because it's an older house and the 2x4's are so strong, that is probably what saved me in there from the car coming through we're lucky about that."

Neither Hatcher, or her son Alex, who was sleeping in the back bedroom were injured.

Snelson is listed in stable condition

He now faces several charges, including aggravated armed robbery, fleeing, and DUI.

He has also been charged in a September 6th robbery of another Kenjo robbery on McGhee Boulevard.

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