Anderson Co. Commission Denies Money for Sheriff

Anderson County (WVLT) - The Anderson County Sheriff's Department was denied money Wednesday night to hire eight deputies, even though the vote was nine to six, with one abstention.

Anderson County Commission says the proposal needs 12 votes because, according to commission rules, it has not been presented to the budget committee.

Volunteer TV's Allison hunt spoke with the sheriff who says he doesn't consider the meeting a setback.

Sheriff Paul White says he thinks it's still possible to get the additional $250,000 Commissioner Harry Hitchcock asked for.

He says the proposal will go to the budget committee this month.

Then next month, they will go back to county commission where Sheriff White says the funding will most likely be approved.

Sheriff White says the department needs help in every unit, "Anytime we're needed we have to put extra personnel in the court we're drastically short at that point."

The sheriff says this doesn't mean a tax increase because there is money in the budget for the additional dollars.

He also says the public and the commission is behind it, there were just a few technicalities that will be worked out.

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