Mother-Daughter Duo Fighting Fires In Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) It's a hot combination you rarely hear about in a fire department.

A mother-daughter team saving lives.

But in just days there will be one right here in East Tennessee.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis met the dynamic duo today and has their story.

Knoxville Fire Officials say Vicki Hill and Melody Neubert are the first ever mother-daughter duo in Tennessee.

Master firefighter Vicki Hill drives the station 13 fire engine in North Knoxville.

She says, "I've loved every minute of it."

With 18 years at the station, fellow firefighters call her Mom because she cooks and sews.

But now her biological daughter will soon be pulling hoses, too.

"I'm happy for her, I think she'll really enjoy it."

Her daughter, 31 year old Melody Neubert, has 7 days left as a firefighter recruit.

Neubert says, "she'd always get called to the house and I'd want to go."

Melody grew up in the firehouse with Mom, and despite the dangers her mother faces everyday, she decided to follow in her footsteps.

"I'm excited. I hope I can do the job she's done."

It took Melody 4 years to get into the department, now she's enduring more emergency, fire, and physical training than her mother did nearly 20 years ago.

And there's a friendly rivalry between the mother-daughter team.

Melody says, "I can put out a fire better than you."

Vicky says, "She can't cook like me though!"

The two make the first mother-daughter team in the department, and what do other firefighters think about it?

Darrell Whitaker, with KFD says, "it's a great honor and we're so proud to have them."

Melody will graduate from the fire academy on October 8th.