Carter Parents Talk About Sewage Problem

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- This evening, parents were updated about the sewage problems at Carter Elementary School during their children's open house.

A broken sewer line was found outside of the school's cafeteria on Monday.

By Tuesday, workers had repaired and replaced all the necessary pipes.

Tonight, the majority of Carter parents tell us they think the situation was handled appropriately.

"From what I understood the school system seemed to take care of the problem pretty quickly," said Jerry Dunlap.

Dunlap's eight year old attends Carter Elementary and says the sewage situation has not been a problem for his son.

"It didn't inconvenience him a bit," he said.

Dunlap wasn't alone.

There were several parents who think the school handled the situation well.

"We were aware and notified of the situation," said Becky Holbert, a Carter grandparent. "None of the kids were in danger."

"I'm a very fanatical about their safety and I never felt like this was an issue," said Christy Blake, another parent

They are also glad the situation was addressed at their children's open house.

"I think they were very thorough and couldn't really ask for a better response to this situation," Blake said.

Principal Thompson would not go on camera, but assures parents that every precaution was taken and the problem has been handled.

The letter that she sent home to the parents said the broken pipe has been replaced, all repairs are complete at this time and the water fountain in the cafeteria has been replaced.

Additionally, KUB and Knox County tested the water and found it to be clear

Inspections on Monday revealed a score of 89 for the school and 90 for the cafeteria.

Inspectors will be back out in 10 days to follow up.

"To me it's no big deal, things like this are going to happen, it's an old school," said Dunlap. "They got in and got the problem taken care. It's not like they went weeks with no sewer or no water or anything like that."

Several parents, who did not want to go on camera, tell us the bigger problem is indeed the schools age.

It's an issue we've reported many times.

According to Knox County mayor Mike Ragsdale, the County is aware of the building challenges at Carter Elementary.

He says this year's budget includes funds to begin architectural drawings for a new facility.

Land for a new school has already been purchased.

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