Knox County Could Get New Insurance Provider

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Knoxville (WVLT) Thousands of Knox County Employees may have a different health insurance provider beginning January first.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us what county commissioners will be voting on Monday.

Cigna, Cariten and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Mark Harmon, Knox Co. Commissioner says, "we've had a committee looking at this for months and scoring various plans."

John Troyer, senior director of finance says, "looked at all of the details including price, service, network."

After 26 weeks of research, the Knox County Evaluation committee recommended Cigna as the best provider for county employees.

Larry Smith, evaluation committee member says, "I worked pretty heavy on the committee and we worked really hard for some good benefits the employees are going to get."

Smith won't be voting on Cigna Monday, but says if passed, employees would have some better options that they didn't have before with Cariten.

Smith says, "in the past what you had, if you had an employee and had a child, they were charged full family rate. Now you're going to be offered employee rate plus one dependent on there."

Cigna comes with three different plans.

For a single employee, the gold plan would cost about 61 dollars a month, silver about 33 and the consumer option is about 25 dollars a month.

Troyer says, "the gold is a much more traditional plan. The silver is a higher deductible, less cost, and the consumer is a very high detectable and we think it's going to be the future of health care."

Troyer says Cigna is the least expensive of all three providers, but how much is this going to cost you as a taxpayer?

"We're going to save and immediate three to five percent savings right off the bat."

And that's something County Commissioners say they'll be looking at closely when it comes time to vote.

Craig Leuthold, a Knox County Commissioner says, "we need to make sure that we're not spending more money than we need to. It's taxpayers money."

County commissioners will vote on the cigna health care recommendation during their meeting on Monday.

If passed, the new insurance would take affect January first.