School Systems Working To Attract/Keep Teachers

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Knoxville (WVLT) The Knox County School District says they're having a hard time recruiting new teachers to teach your children.

You've probably heard, other school systems are offering better pay and benefits.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis has the numbers.

Teachers in Knox County make the second lowest amount out of teachers in some surrounding counties we checked.

The best paying first year teaching jobs go to Maryville teachers with almost $50,000 dollars including benefits.

Tish Rich, a Maryville teacher says she's "died and gone to heaven, it's a great place to be."

Rich is talking about her experience as a teacher at Maryville High School.

She echoes most of the teachers who love the school, especially the pay.

"teachers very happy with salary."

Starting teachers at Maryville bring home over $35,000 dollars annually.

To the north, Anderson schools start at just over $34,600 dollars for beginning teachers.

Teachers in Oak Ridge are next.

They make over $34,400 dollars.

Knox County school teachers start, about 800 dollars less only bring home nearly $33,600 dollars.

Margie Kincaid, with Knox County schools says, "we're large system, they're smaller system and we've got more money to spread around."

Knox County schools loses starting teachers to surrounding school systems, as they struggle to fill 200 to 300 slots each year.

Maryville High School has teachers on a waiting list and very little turnover.

Maryville's Assistant director of schools thinks she has the one key that makes her district the best for new teachers.

Stephanie Thompson, Asst. Director of Schools says, "because our city council school board cares about education."

A dream come true for first year teachers.

In addition to math teachers, Knox County is trying to fill special education, science, and foreign language slots.

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