East Tennessee Teen is "Leave Britney Alone Guy"

UNDATED (AP) -- The "Leave Britney Alone Guy" is from East Tennessee.

Chris Crocker is 19-years-old and an Internet phenomenon, known worldwide for his tearful YouTube defense of Britney Spears.

He's captured millions of viewers on MySpace and YouTube with his passionate, campy and sometimes furious monologues about life.

Crocker, which is a stage name, had a cult following after he started posting video blogs a year ago. But he earned instant fame after his "Leave Britney Alone" -- a profane, smeared-mascara answer to critics of Spears' performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. It generated 8 million YouTube clicks.

The Associated Press interviewed him this week, but he asked not to reveal his real name or exact hometown because his critics can be vicious, and he doesn't want anyone to know where he lives.

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