Project GRAD Walks For Success

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Hundreds of volunteers have visited more than 1,700 homes throughout Knoxville for Project GRAD's seventh annual "Walk For Success."

We went door to door with some volunteers for Maynard Elementary School.

With every step and each knock, the Project GRAD volunteers are moving to make a difference for Maynard Elementary's students and parents.

"We get to find out first hand how the parent feels about the school," said Larry Horton, Maynard Parent and a volunteer. "If you have no parent-teacher relationship or no contact with the parent, with the student in the school in any way, the school has no idea how that child is doing at home,"

He is one of 75 volunteers passing out surveys and informational packets to moms and dads throughout Mechanicsville.

"We have several teams," Horton said. "Everybody is going out with 3 to 5 names."

Even though it's not exactly easy tracking down the homes of nearly 200 parents, Horton's group eventually found the right front porches.

Leaving materials even if those parent's weren't home. ..

"We're going to leave you some information out here," a volunteer said. "We've got a packet for you."

"Sometimes parents don't like strangers walking up and knocking on the door," Horton said.

Regardless, parents are still left with the tools Project GRAD hopes will help them become teachers in the home.

"About how important it is to read with their children each night, to work along with the teachers and the school and just to understand that we're partners together for the success of their children," said Brenda Reliford, Maynard's principal.

"Hopefully it sends a positive message to the parents and overall the neighborhood," Horton said.

14 different Knox County Schools took part in today's Project GRAD walk.

You can learn more about project grad by clicking on the link below.

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